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Rules & conditions for registering


  1. PARTICIPATION : All men and women over 18 years of age (completed on the day of the race) are entitled to participate in the "Olympus Marathon".
  2. REGISTRATION DEADLINES : Registration for non-Greek residents opens on 23 January, inscription closes on 15th of May.
  3. QUALIFICATION : Basic condition for participating in Olympus Marathon is previous experience from similar kind of races (mountain, sky, trail, fell). Every OM participant athlete must have completed at least 2 mountain/trail event more than 20K and 1200+ or 1 of 35km and 2200+ in the last two years. Applications not having this qualification are not acceptable and will be rejected. Road races are not qualification for participating Olympus Marathon. For rejected applications only 50% of the entry fee will be refunded.
  4. ENTRY FEE : Participation fee is 55€ and is to be paid at the registration procedure by credit card. In case of cancellation entry fee is refundable as following: from 23 January to 30 April, refund 40€

NOTICE: Organization does not furnish any foreign athlete with "Invitation Letter" for security reasons. Each participant is obliged to obtain a visa from his/her country at his/her own responsibility.

  1. RULES & REGULATIONS : Each participant is obliged to know the race rules and regulations during the race. One can read the "Rules & Regulations" here. Organization suggests to each participant to read them thoroughly.
  2. COMMEMORATIVE PRESENTS & BENEFITS : Each participant will receive the race technical T-shirt along with his/her bib number on race's eve. All athletes cross the finish line within the time limit (10 hours) will receive a remembrance medal. All athletes will also have access to a pasta party on the race's eve, catering during the race, and a meal after the race. Each participant can print out through the event's website a certificate showing ranking and time, only when the official results will be announced. 
  3. MEDICAL CERTIFICATE : Athletes are not requested to present a medical certificate for their good health. However, the participants themselves should be fully aware of their competence to enter such a demanding race as the Olympus Marathon. It must be clear that by submitting an application, one takes full responsibility for anything that might happen during or after the race. Organizers are fully indemnified from any damage might caused to participants during, prior or after the race.


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