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Regulations OLYMPUS VERTICAL 2024



In the below listed regulations the words noted refer to specific terms:

- RACE, for the Olympus Vertical

- ATHLETES, PARTICIPANTS, for the participants of the Olympus Vertical race

- ORGANIZERS, for the Board of the Olympus Marathon

- COMMITTEE, for the Organization Committee of Olympus Marathon.



In collaboration with the Municipality of Dion-Olympos and Pieria Regional Unit of Central Macedonia organize the 6th edition of Olympus Vertical, the international trail running Vertical Kilometre race on Mount Olympus on Friday June 28, 2024.



Olympus Vertical is the trail running Vertical Kilometre race on Mount Olympus. Starting 200m before Prionia (altitude 1050m), the athletes follow an uphill route of 4.25km distance with elevation gain +1000m, on the well-known and beautiful path "Gomarostali" and reach an altitude of 2063m, where the race ends.  

Olympus Vertical 2024 is the Certified Course by the International Skyrunning Federation in the category Vertical Kilometre

Time limit: 2h30min.



Men and women over the age of 18y.o. are eligible to participate in the race.



Registration opens on January 28 and will close on June 15, 2024

Only individual registrations are possible.

Athletes must provide their personal data as well as the short athletic CV and if there is an ITRA rating with a link from the ITRA page  https://itra.run/RunnerSpace  

The registration is completed if the payment procedure is done.

Participation fee:

January 28 – February 11:  15euro

February 12 – May 920euro

May 10 – June 15: 25euro


Participation fee is to be paid during the registration period online by credit or debit card exclusively and includes:

- race BIB

- first assistance and water in the finish line

- race pack

- medals for valid finishers

- atomic insurance in case of accident

- transfer from Litochoro to Prionia and back

The first man winner and the first woman winner of the Olympus Vertical 2023 as well as the 1st man winner and the 1st woman winner of Olympia Monopatia 2023 are honoured to take part in Olympus Vertical 2024 free of charge.

The Organization has the right to approve the participation, even for free, of athletes it deems worthy to take part in the competition, thus raising the competition level. This can be done at any time, even after registration closes.



If an athlete cannot participate in the race, he/she must inform the organizers by email at the following address: info@olympus-marathon.com

In case of cancellation of the participation the registration fee will not be refunded.

Should the race be annulled for reasons beyond the control of the Organizers up to 15 days before the event, the Organizers will refund 50% of the registration fees paid. This percentage is made necessary by the various expenses that the Organizers have already incurred that cannot be recuperated.

Should the race be interrupted or annulled due to weather conditions, or for any other reason beyond the control of the Organizers, no refund of the registration fee will be made.

It is not possible to exchange race BIB number, to postpone the registration to the next year, to switch from one race to another

Athletes caught with race BIBs belonging to other athletes, even after the race, will be disqualified.    



Athletes are not obliged to present a medical certificate for good health condition. However, the participants themselves should be fully aware of their competence to enter such a demanding race as the Olympus Marathon. It must be clear that by submitting an application, one takes full responsibility for anything might happen, during or after the race.



The maximum time allowed for an athlete to reach the finish line is 2h30min.

Athletes who reach the finish out the time limit will be disqualified (DSQ).

The "pick up" service will follow the last runner, in order to help the athletes who leave the race and to provide help for anyone who is injured or needs help.

In case of withdrawal (DNF), the athletes must move on their own back to Prionia, following the route of the race, and immediately inform the Organizers of the race.



Race numbers and race packs distribution take place at the Municipal Park of Litochoro where Olympus Marathon EXPO Area is. Detailed program will be announced later.

To collect race bib numbers, athletes must present a valid identity document.

The reception of BIB numbers of the race and packages of the athletes is only possible during the working hours of the BIBs distribution.

BIB numbers should be worn by all participants unchanged only on the front of their jersey and should not be folded or cut.

The BIB number must be worn by the person registered for the race.

In case the participant will not take part in the race the Organizers will send the athlete package (to the address stated in the registration form) after the end of the event.



To address all the different possible climatic conditions on the day of the race, at their sole discretion and on the basis of the weather forecast provided by the competent body, the Organizers may modify the list of mandatory equipment. Any changes may be communicated up to 12 hours before the start of the race, therefore all athletes are advised to have all the mandatory equipment.

Athletes must have the following equipment with them for the entire duration of the race:

- race BIB number visible during the entire duration of the race

- footwear appropriate for running on Mount Olympus terrain (stones, rocks, gravel)



Race participants are advised to bring the following equipment with them:

- sunglasses

- windproof jacket

- sun cap

- poles



There are no refreshment stations.

Any special dietary requirements must be met by athletes independently.

There will be water at the finish line for the race finishers.



Pacing and mulling are not allowed during all the race.



The Organizers provide transfer from Litochoro to the start line 200m before Prionia. There will be bus shuttles from the Park of Litochoro (finish line). The athletes who wish to take the bus shuttle to the start line have to take the bus ticket during the bib number and runners pack distribution. The timetable of the bus’s departure will be announced in the Event schedule.

Athletes must be in the start line by 09:45 am on Friday June 28, 2024.

The race starts at 10:00 am on June 28, 2024.

In case of consecutive starts (block) the number of the block as well as the position in it, will be determined exclusively based on the ITRA Performance Index.



The detailed description of the race route is performed in the section “route”

The marking of the route will be dense with coloured strips, paint (short duration) in bright colours and small signs that will have the logo of the race.

The athletes are obliged to move along the trail without forming groups that extend in width, preventing others that would like to overpass.

In case of emergency (especially dangerous weather conditions) the Organizers maintain the right to modify the route, so that no athlete will be exposed at risk. Alternative routes will be outlined at the briefing before the start of the race.

Race kilometres are not marked. Athletes should strictly adhere to the marked race route and avoid taking shortcuts or cutting out sections of the route. Any departures from the official route will lead to disqualification and shall be at the sole risk of athletes.



After the race, each athlete returns with his aprons back to Prionia, preventing athletes who continue the race from passing. The organizers provide transportation of athletes from Prionia to Litochoro after the end of the race.



The Organizers insure the athletes in case of an accident during the race by a private insurance company.



The Organizers in cooperation with the Volunteers Samaritans and Rescue team will be positioned along the race route. Ambulances with paramedics shall be positioned at the finish in the stand-by mode, where a doctor and an advanced medical facility shall be present.



The race takes place in the protected National Park area with the natural eco system. Due to its outstanding natural and cultural importance, Olympus was designated as a Biosphere Reserve in 1981 with its inclusion in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program (MAB). Participants are therefore required to fully respect the mountain environment, in particular by not leaving rubbish, picking flowers or disturbing the wildlife. Anyone found leaving rubbish along the route shall be disqualified from the race and incur the penalties laid down by municipal regulations.



In case of adverse weather conditions (dense fog, heavy rain or thunder storms), the Organizers reserve the right to make last-minute changes, even during the race, to the race route in order to eliminate potential hazards or conditions that could cause hardship for participants. The participants will be informed by the Organizers of any changes. The Organizers also reserve the right to suspend or cancel the race if the weather conditions are such that they put athletes, staff, volunteers or medical teams at risk.



The following infringements will lead to immediate disqualification and withdrawal of the race bib number:

- taking shortcuts

- if the athlete had a pacer during the race

- leaving rubbish along the race route

- failing to aid a participant in difficulty

- insulting or threatening staff or volunteers

- losing the bib number


A 20min penalty will be incurred for the following infringements:

- availing of unauthorised outside assistance

Penalty or Disqualification (DSQ) may be applied as soon as the offense is established, at the end of the match or after the cross-examination of the evidence, but later until the announcement of the official results.

Appeals will be evaluated and answered in the necessary time, decisions are final, without appeal.

Objections, regardless of the reason, are submitted only by the athlete within 24 hours after the end of the match. The decision of the Committee is issued no later than the announcement of the official results and cannot be disputed.

The unofficial results will be available within 24 hours of the end of the match. The ranking of the athletes will be based on gun time.

The official results are announced on the website of the organization.



A remembrance medal is awarded only to the athletes that crossed the finish line within the set race time limit of 2h30min.

The first 3 men and 3 women of general ranking will receive the winner’s cups.

There are no age categories in the race.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, June 28, at 19:00 in the Park of Litochoro (at the finish area).

Under no circumstances will prizes be sent or handed out in advance.



On registration, athletes authorise the Organizers to freely use any still or moving images depicting them during their participation in Olympus Marathon races with no territorial or time limits.



Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicate full acceptance of the race rules and regulations and any subsequent changes made to them. By registering, participants exempt the Organizers from any civil or criminal liability for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to them.



Update : January 2024