The event takes place on Mt. Olympus, the legendary mountain of ancient Greece and one of the most famous in the world. Mt Olympus is the highest Greek mountain at 2918m and is located in the northnern part of Greece, 4 hours by rail or road from Athens-the capital of Greece or 1 hour from Thessaloniki, the second Greek major city.

Sunday, June 25th, 2006. The starting off of the event is exactly after the sunrise, at 06.05,at the archaeological site of Dion

It is a ‘skyrunning’ race of about 44 km. covering a total elevation gain of 3,150 m. The route of the race extends mainly on footpaths (36km) and secondly on asphalt roads (8 km).

You can apply online by JUNE 15th 2006. No application is acceptable if sent later this date. Athletes who have not submitted an application prior to the race must appear at registration office at Litochoro town from 12:00 to 24:00 hours of June 24th

It costs 30 euros and it's payable through Active-Europe.com by billing a credit card.

No, there is no qualifying time required. The duration of the race is possibly more than 10 hours. Therefore, we strongly advise that athletes of poor physical condition should not take part in this very demanding race.

Yes, there are three cut-off points in the race and a fourth one at the finish line. However, the athletes who will not manage within the time limits may continue the race but on their own responsibility. All athletes finishing the race later than 12 hours and those who will not make it within the time limits at the cut-off points will not be officially considered to have finished the race.

Remembrance medals will be given only to those who will finish the race within the 12 hours time limit. Participation certificates will be given to all those finishing the race and to those who will reach the second cut off point in time (about half the race distance).
These will be distributed the day prior to the race from 12.00 to 24.00, at the Registration Office of the race.
The award ceremony is scheduled for the evening of Sunday, June 25th after the completion of the race at the town of Litochoro. The rest of the athletes can receive their medals and certificates half an hour after their finish, the earlier.
No. The race regulations do not demand obligatory equipment of any kind. However, it is advisable that athletes who follow a slower pace should carry a backpack with the basics (windproof jacket , cap, sunglasses) as well as liquids and food to cover their increased needs for the race. All faster runners should not worry because there will be numerous Refreshment Stations every 20-30 min. (for slower runners every 50-60 min.)

At every Refreshment Station will be available: water, isotonic liquids, energy bars, biscuits (sweet or salty), candies and dried fruit juices. Moreover, there will be additional food (rice, pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, etc.) at the 9th Refreshment Station (31 km).

There will be race route signs of red paint, plastic colored tape and metal signs with the Race Logo. The marking will be thorough, dense and extensive so that those who are familiar with the mountain will not have an advantage compared to those who visit the mountain for the first time.

What are the usual weather conditions at the area during the race?

No. Especially when this concerns help from a male to a female. In any case, all kinds of pulling devices are strictly forbidden, such as elastic ropes or similar.

The race will not be cancelled no matter what the conditions will be. In case of extreme weather conditions (severe storm), there will be an alternative route to avoid the higher altitudes on the mountain and the potential dangers arising from the storm. In case the storm bursts during the race, all measures and precautions will only apply for racers already running at higher, dangerous elevations.

No, at least not this year. However the organizers reserve the right for a test if there is evidence that any of the winners has used forbidden substances.

No. Every athlete decides freely on his/her accommodation. The organizers though, will suggest some hotels or other accommodation options with discounts for the participants.