Τετάρτη, 22 Ιουνίου 2016

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The biggest event of the year is almost here…Everything is ready for the 13th Olympus Marathon.


The countdown for the realization of the 13th Olympus Marathon has begun. The top international race of mountain running, 44 km long and 3200 positive altitude in Greece will take place in Olympus, the mountain of gods, on the 26 of June 2016 and it is ready to welcome 790 athletes, a record number of participants.

At the start-point of the Olympus Marathon 2016, which in the 13 years of its organization it has won the love of the mountain-running friends worldwide, 92 foreign athletes from 24 countries are aspiring to stand. Once more, the country with the greatest number of participants is Romania (with 34 participants ).

Among the participants of the Olympus Marathon 2016 there are: the holder of the race record and three times race-winner , Spanish Hernandez Gispert Jessed and the Greek champion Dimitris Theodorakakos, twice the race-winner himself.

Top and established athletes-runners in the area of mountain running in Greece such as :

Jachek Bogots, Dialektos Giorgos, Nikos Kalofiris, Haris Kalamboukas, Aris Tsipis, Stavros Stefanis, Platonas Aronis.

A lot of elite foreign athletes such as: Swiss Philipp Brugger, Norwegian Amdahl Sondre, Ethiopian Woldogeiorgis Eyob and many more who we expect to compete and do their best.

The officially invited athlete in this year`s event is American champion Stevie Kremer. In the women’s participations the names of the top athletes stand out: Kazimirova Xenia, Tsekoska Katarzina-Anna, Lora Repsenko, Christina Kozareva. Worth mentioning is the participation of Irena Maliborska-Kiriakou, winner of the 1st Olympus Marathon, who will stand for the 13th time at the start-point  of the race. In this race it is expected for the winner of the Winter Enipeas 2015 Glikeria Giagia to stand out.


Just like every year, this year the Organizational Committee of the race, is ready to fulfill every athlete’s needs in the best possible way.

Athletes’ insurance

The event’s first goal is the security of the athletes. Except the first aid that will be provided by the Greek Red Cross and specifically the Volunteers Samaritans, Lifeguards of the Regional Unit of Katerini along the race route, the participants of the Olympus Marathon 2016 will be all insured for personal accident during the race by the National Insurance. The Health Centre of Litochoro, the Hospital of Katerini and Paramedics will be ready. An Army Ambulance will be waiting at the Prionia site.



Athlete’s pack

The athlete’s pack in a Runner Store bag will include the Bib Number, as well as gifts to the athlete such as a technical Salomon top, a technical Salomon hat and a neck bandana.

Pasta Party

The Organizational Committee of the event in association with Melissa Company, are planning in celebration the Pasta Party, on the eve of the race, with a spectacular show and the company of the band The Audio Box at the Municipal Park of Litochoro.

Buses for the start of the race at the Dion Archeological Site.

The event secures the athletes’ transfer from Litochoro to the Dion Archeological Site by providing available buses at the Municipal Park of Litochoro from the early hours of Sunday morning. In order to achieve the best coordination and organization of the transfer of the athletes, each athlete will receive a card-ticket during Registration, where the time of  the bus departure will be stated. Specifically, the bus timetable will be:

4:00   4 buses (225 seats)

4:40   3 buses (175 seats)

4:50   1 bus (50 seats)

5:20   4 buses (175 seats)


Catering  Stations

The race is covered by 12 catering stations, 5 of which are main stations where the athletes will be able to get gel, snacks, nuts, electrolytes and water. (Koromilia, Petrostrouga, Oropedio, Prionia, Kastana ). At the other stations there will only be water and electrolytes .We should mention that the energy products are an offer from the big sponsor of the race, Ethicsport. Fizzy drinks and bottled water AVRA , from the big sponsor, AVRA. The rest of the catering is a kind offer from Market Plus in Litochoro.


Electronic timing

The timing of the Olympus Marathon will be electronically done by the company Championchip at the start-point, the finishline and this year there will also be timers in three more sites of the race, Koromilia, Oropedio and Prionia , aiming at the fast information of the secretariat at the finishline as well as the precise register of the passages. Register of the athletes will take place at each of the 12 stations.

Finish line

At the finishline, water and isotonic Powerade will be distributed to the athletes in order for them to cool down  and to rehydrate effectively, a kind offer of our mega-sponsor AVRA and later on they will be able to enjoy a hearty meal as well as seasonal fruits , an offer of the company FRUITS PROTOFANOUSIS.

For once more, co-organizers of the Olympus Marathon 2016 are the Regional Unit of Pieria and the Municipality of Dion-Olympus.

Finally, the event takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Finances, Growth and Tourism.


From the Organizational Committee of the Olympus Marathon.

Litochoro 22/06/16.

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