Olympus Marathon
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Olympus Marathon Event Schedule
Posted by naya on 27/06/13 (1132 reads)

Friday, June 28, 2013
19.00 to 22.00. Athlets registration, Nautical Museum
20:00 -20:45 Demonstration of sports : Pangratio, Jiu-Jitsu and Okinawa Karate from “Alki club”. Presentation: Joanna Karalexi
20:45 to 21:00 Video view from the artist Angela Siamese with subject “Olympus.”
21:00 -22:00 musical performance "a bird good bird" From the band "Musico Polytropo" A.U.TH. (music department).

Saturday, June 29, 2013
10:00 to 23:00 Athlets registration.
19:00 Children's Races Games (Olympus Kids and Olympus junior)
19:00-22:00 Pastas Party
20:15 Technical brifing
20:45 Video view of Litochoro High School "From Boissonas Olympus to Olympus of our hearts " Ampadou Melitini, Thanouri Glykeria
21:00 Theatre performance of the Volleyball Club "Pantheon" with “... and Juliet" from Akis Dimou directed by Marina Argyropoulou.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

4:30 to 5:20 bus departure from Litochoro park to the archaeological site of Dion
6:05 Start of the race
10:45 to 16:05 Finishes of the athletes
18:00 to 19:00 Awards
19:00 to 20:30 End 10th OM-Party
21:00 Theatre performance of "Doctor in force" Moliere from “Olympus Dance Theater” directed Gold bar
Presentation of dances: Latin, European, Greek, Modern and Ballet from “Olympus Dance theater” by George Pinos

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Olympus Marathon Notifications about movement in the race route.
Posted by naya on 25/06/13 (1081 reads)

The organization of 2013 OM would like to make clear to the following matters concerning their move on the race route:

1. Cuts. According to the regulations of the Olympus Marathon who already has been published on the website of the organization http://www.olympus-marathon.com/index.php?name=Content&page=regulations

 Shortcuts outside of existing paths are prohibited and any offenders will be disqualified. Each athlete has the responsibility and the obligation to follow the warning signals which shows forbidden cuts. On the alpine part of the race, the route follows the already formed path.

2. The “Skurta” path will be performed by the direct ascent, as suggested by the signals.
3. There will be no climbing using the rope at the “Yosos” passage. At that point, volunteers of the organization will show you the alternative path.
4. The descent of “Hondromesorahi” will follow the existing path.
5. In a known shortcut before PRIONIA post, it will be placed a prohibitive entry. Any use of the shortcut by athletes will be recorded and the offenders will be disqualified.
6. Trash throwing outside of control and refreshment posts areas will also be punished by disqualification.

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Olympus Marathon Urgent notification about catering during the race.
Posted by naya on 18/06/13 (1186 reads)


The Organizing Committee of the Olympus Marathon would like to inform the athletes that, for reasons beyond the control of the Olympus Marathon or the representative of the Power Bar energy supplement company in Greece, Power Bar company informed us that, despite their initial confirmation about sending on time the energy gels for the race, the programmed quantity won’t be send due to lack of stocks in anticipation of the arrival of new gels from the company. Instead, they will send the Performance energy bars

Under the present conditions and just a few days before the race, the Organizing Committee of the Olympus Marathon informs the participants to the 10th Olympus Marathon about the changes which will take place with respect to their food supply.

 --- Powerbar Performance Energy Bars at aid stations Petrostrouga, Oropedio and Kastana

---Biological energy Bar Solo Energy at Prionia

--- Energy drink containing carbohydrates. Protein .21g, carbohydrates 32.16g of which sugars 21.9g, Sopdium 245mg, Potassium 70mg,Chlorine 63.5mg, Magnesium 15mg,Chromium 10.5mg, Vitamines: C, E, B6, B2, B1, B12, biotin, Nicotinamide, Pantothenic acid, FolicAcid, L- Carnitine, L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, L-Valine, at the aid stations t Xirolaki  ( 4,0k), Οrlia (8,5k), Koromilia (10,5k), Bara (12,5k), Petrostrouga (15,3k), Skourta (17,7k),  Oropedio (20.7k),  Reguge A’ (25k), Πριόνια (31,1k), Μonastery, (34,1k), Κastana (37,1k), Damaskinia (39,2k).              

Furthermore, the OM committee will provide gels (of another energy company) only in the aid station of Prionia.

Both the Organizing Committee of the Olympus Marathon and the representative of the Power Bar energy supplement company in Greece ask for the comprehension of the participants for this last-minute matter.


From the organization committee, Litohoro, 18/06/2013

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Olympus Marathon Latest instructions to participants
Posted by naya on 18/06/13 (1562 reads)

1. Participants may receive their packages by presentation of their identity from Friday 28/06 from 19.00 to 22.00, till Saturday from 10.00 to 23.00 hours

2. The race route is being analytically described on the official website and follows the existing main track and the motion will be restricted within. Shortcuts outside of existing paths are prohibited and any offenders will be disqualified. In a known shortcut before PRIONIA post will be placed safekeeping.

3. The signage will be held with: i. Signs (12 of them) of hard plastic, will be scored at the control and refreshment posts, ii. Small (20 of them) signs of hard plastic with a kilometer signs will be placed every 2 km, iii. Small signs of hard plastic will be also placed on every doubtful path, iv. Marking tape will be placed at crosses and at every point we want to prevent shortcuts.

All these markings will be removed the same day from two volunteers who will follow the rout after the last athlete.

4. The organization tries to protect the race area. Since 2009 has prohibited the use of plastic cups. Each athlete is obligated to carry his own hydration container in order to be refueled on refreshment posts.

5. Trash throwing outside of control and refreshment posts areas will also be punished by disqualification.

6. At first part of the race (Start to Koromilia post KM-10) any use of poles are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. Use of them will be permitted only after.

7.Any belated athlete outside of time table limits, must deliver his bib number and chip to the person in charge of the control post. The bib number will be returned to him at the secretariat in Litochoro .

Detailed regulations for participation are available at: http://www.olympus-marathon.com/index.php?name=Content&page=regulations

8. Any athlete who will abandon the race at the control posts of PETROSTUGGA and PRIONIA, will be transfer to Litochoro as follow: i) PETROSTRUGGA POST: From the point Gortsia 12.00

ii) PRIONIA POST: From this area will be available two departures by car transporting to Litochoro. The first at 12.30 and the second at 14.00

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Olympus Marathon Sponsors, Volunteers and Supporters of the 10th Olympus Marathon
Posted by naya on 14/06/13 (1433 reads)

            Less than 3 weeks remain for the 10th annual Olympus marathon that will be held on June 30th 2013. This alpine marathon has been warmly embraced by the runners and friends of  Mt. Olympus, home of the Gods.

          The support provided by the volunteers is essential in the smooth running of the event. Much has been planned and last minute details are being attended to so that everyone will be ready to offer their help to the participants of  the 10th OM.

            Specifically, the Katerini department of the Greek Red Cross, “The Good Samaritan” Rescue and  Life  Guard  division will, for another year, undertake the first aid and rescue tasks. The Pieria Amatuer  Radio Association will be covering the race  on the airwaves. Dr.  Thanos Spiliotopoulos and Dr.  Michalis Katsamakas with their medical team, made up of  5 colleagues, will provide medical assistance at Muses’ Range,  Prionia,  Kastana  and the finish line. The Alpine Association of Dion, Karitsa  and  Litochoro,  apart from cleaning the mountain paths are getting ready to greet and help the athletes  at  Orlia  station(Karitsa), while at Dion, the residents will be at stations Xerolaki and St. Constantinos. The members of the Thessaloniki Alpine Association will greet the athletes at Petrostrouga station. Those in charge of the Christos Kakalos and Spilios Agapitos refuges, along with the help of the volunteers will also greet the athletes as a few days before the race they will have assured the athletes  safe  crossings from difficult  points on the course. There will also be athletes from  previous  OMs  at different stations on the course thus contributing in their own special way to this year’s OM.  Over  300 volunteers , in total, will show their support and provide their services to this year’s OM.

             This year’s OM  is being sponsored by  BUFF,  ΔΕΟΔΟ,  Power bar-Dimitriadis (energy gels and shots),  Novonordisk  pharmacutical company, Solo Energy (a Greek organic energy bar), Era Energy,  Zaphiraki farms, the gourmet restaurant “Gastronomio en Olympou”, Traditional Katerini Bardaki and the Greek company Proto S.A. with their seasonal fruit Protofanousis. Ostracon company will be responsible for the medical insurance of the runners while  Natura  Pharm will donate foot products  Gehwol  to all the participants. Lastly, this year’s race is also sponsored by the  legal company ARAG,  the  Pieria Commerce Associatioin,  Pierias Bank and the district of Pieria.

           For yet another year Go Experience will be in charge of photographing the entire event, while Stamos Birsim of Olyvon, in collaboration with Go Experience, will videotape the 10th annual Olympus Marathon. Footage will be available on the internet at the end of the event

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Olympus Marathon One month for OM 2013
Posted by naya on 04/06/13 (1416 reads)

 One month remains for the start of the 10th anniversary Olympus Marathon. Preparations for hosting more than 600 athletes that will take part in the race are hectic. The 500 available spaces for the Greek participants have been exceeded, while the applications of foreign athletes have reached the number of 125.  All the Greek mountain running elite will be present at the anniversary event, while 9 athletes (8 men and one woman) that have successfully completed all nine previous events will stand at the start line of the 10 year's OM. Among foreign participants OM 2013 hosts the record holder of Olympus Marathon Hernadez Gispert Jessed.

The turnout of friends of mountain running in the Olympus mountain region is expected to be great.  Among the foreign participants from 18 countries that will stand at this year’s start line noteworthy is the presence of more than 50 athletes from Romania that honor Olympus Mountain for the third consecutive year. Settlements availabilities are already short at the heart of events, while the vast majority of foreign athletes have combined participation in the event with their holidays. The presence of mountain running friends and participants of OM 2013 who make their workouts in the paths of the National Park of Olympus is daily, especially during weekends.

The Mountaineering Clubs of  Karitsa and Litohoro, once again volunteering work in the race field, taking care of the race paths,  while the necessary field preparations at the peaks of Mount Olympus will be done from the "Spilios Agapitos refuge" and "Christos Kakalos refuge” managers, Dionisios Pourliotis and Stylas Michael and their teams.

The detailed program of the event will be announced soon (the basic schedule is available on line, http://www.olympus-marathon.com/index.php?name=Content&page=sched), while the rules of the race are published on the official website of the race).

The 10th Olympus Marathon  is included in 2013 top 20 SkyMarathons ® worldwide, in accordance with the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation), actively participates in the International Trail running Association work teams and celebrates its 10 years together with  the 100th anniversary of the first ascent to the top of Mount Olympus, the Mytikas summit.



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Olympus Marathon Race recovery services by Ostragon
Posted by naya on 28/05/13 (1490 reads)

Ostracon will be offering high added value recovery & rehabilitation services to all interested parties during the Olympus Marathon race on June 30th, 2013.

At the custom designed pavilion named «Ostracon Recovery Area» which you will find right after
 crossing the finish line, you will find:

• the Game Ready cryotherapy with intermittent compression system capable of treating multiple
athletes simultaneously.

• the lndiba activ ProRecovery system which combines an innovative device with an exclusive manual
therapy method for the effective muscle and joint preparation and recovery. This is the method of
preference for thousand of professional and amateur athletes,sports organizations & teams as well
as rehabilitation hospitals throughout the world. The service will be offered by our specially
trained physiotherapists.

• the RecoveryPump lymphatic drainage systems,tested and accredited by top endurance athletes
throughout the world.

• the new portable electrostimuItaion device Veinoplus Sport for whole body as well as localized
muscle recovery as trusted and proven for its efficacy by the French Olympic delegation during
the Olympics 2012.

• the portable electrostimulation devices by Compex, for muscle strengthening and recovery, world
acclaimed by major leagues and champions in a multitude of sports.

Ostracon is a distributor of novel health,rehabilitation and sports recovery systems for Greece

 and Cyprus. Please find more information on the company website at www.ostraconmed.com.

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Olympus Marathon Olympus Kids και Olympus Junior
Posted by nionios on 14/05/13 (2481 reads)

Ολοκληρώθηκαν οι εγγραφές που αφορά τα παιδιά των αθλητών, εκτός Λιτοχώρου, για τους παιδικούς αγώνες Olympus Kids & Olympus Junior.

Θα υπάρχει δυνατότητα για έξτρα εγγραφές στον χώρο του registration.

Από την Οργανωτική υποτροπή

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Olympus Marathon Registrations for Olympus Marathon 2013 will open on the 23rd of January
Posted by naya on 31/12/12 (2082 reads)

Registrations for the 10th Olympus Marathon will open on Wednesday the 23rd of January, the day that Litochoro village celebrates its protector “St. Dionisios of Olympus”. This year’s Olympus Marathon celebrates not only its 10th edition, but also has the honor to be the opening event for the festivities of the 100 years celebration from the first climb to Olympus Mountain summit, Mitikas.

Registrations will start on the 23rd of January and will close on the 15th of May, or when the 100 places given to foreign participants will be reached.

Registration and race regulations can be found on the race official web page.  

Litochoro, 31rst December 2012.

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Olympus Marathon Sebastien Chaigneau and Lisel Dissler are the winners of the 7th Olympus Marathon
Posted by admin on 11/07/10 (3780 reads)

Olympus Marathon celebrated its 7th edition on Sunday, June 27, along with 482 participants from 22 countries. Great winner, after a touch and very close battle, was the French Sebastien Chaigneau (4.47.34). First woman, also French, was Lisel Dissler (5.51.33). Optimal weather conditions favored the athletes. The average performance was improved by 4 minutes, reaching a new record of 7 hours and 53 minutes.

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